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Law is Love

I can not express how excited I am for this season of fasting and year of bible reading at The Grove. I have been a believer for over 25 years now and rarely do I hear sermons, teachings, devotionals or worship songs about Jesus’s great LOVE for the “LAW”. That is except from my Hebraic studies with some of the greatest teachings I have ever experienced through JC Studies, Dr. Dwight & Keren Pryor. Through their lives and the passion they have for the “WORD” or “LAW” of God, my eyes have been opened to the beauty of Gods word and how alive they truly are when applied to the believers life. The Majority of what I will discuss in these entries, are gems discovered sitting at their feet, learning from their hearts, and confirmation from the Holy Spirit. I am a continual student of their teachings and give all credit to their faithful research and diligence to reproduce the truth in the hearts of disciples.

I think one of the reasons we rarely hear things on the “LAW” is because in most cases the “LAW” is considered archaic and worse a negative thing that binds us to dead works. Many people believe and teach that the “LAW” is old covenant (which in itself is a joke, because there is no old covenant and new they build upon each other and you can not have the new without the old) and that it condemns us where Jesus sets us free. This is a lie and its only in gaining an understanding of the Father heart of God and the LOVE Jesus actually had for the “LAW” will we truly embrace its entirety and really be free. 

Jesus believed that the “LAW” was God breathed and was life affirming instruction from a gracious Father. The best way to help our minds is to exchange “LAW” for “WORD” when you read the scriptures. In scripture the terms “WORD” and “LAW” are parallel and mean the same thing. The word of the Lord is perfect and is actually meant to restore the soul. It should bring a delight to us and we should desire to meditate on it day and night. The “LAW” or “WORD” of the Lord is what Jesus memorized as a child, taught to the disciples, taught on the sermon on the Mount, commanded His disciples to follow, and fulfilled in His way of Life. He spent His life teaching what the Father meant to live out the “LAW” or “WORD” of the Lord. We must understand as we study the word that it is beautiful and meant for our good and not a dead archaic way of doing things. The “LAW” is actually:

1) a loving Father’s teaching. It is actually our Father’s will, wisdom, guidance and heart taught to us in love for our ongoing maturity and fellowship with each other and HIM.

2)  an expensive treasure that we can partake of everyday. Everyday we can reach in and grab a hold of beautiful gems that bring value and beauty to our lives. 

3) a gift of the Holy Spirit. All scripture was written by the finger of God inspiring men to write out the instructions for God’s family.

4) guidance for a redeemed people. The “LAW” was only given to Israel AFTER they were redeemed. It is God’s covenant with His people, His sanctification NOT a basis for their salvation. It was meant and still is meant to guide a redeemed people into paths of righteousness that would and will bring us into our place of promise. 

From the very beginning the “LAW” or “WORD” of God was presented to a people as a light and a path to HIM. It has always been a choice and if a people decide to choose covenant with Him and follow His ways,  it leads to a life empowered by the Spirit that is more rewarding than anything we could ever establish on our own. The “WORD” of the Lord is a means of growing in a loving, covenant relationship with the Father and its reward is an intimate knowledge of the Father’s heart. The greatest gift of all…. the revelation of HIM. I pray that as we make this journey together that your hearts will lay aside all preconceptions of the “LAW” or “WORD” and open your eyes to a way of seeing the scriptures, not as burdensome or hard, or old, but rather living water meant to train, refresh, and build a people in love with a God who deeply loves them. The “WORD” of God offers life to us beyond our expectations and brings life were there is none. 

The wilderness and desert will sing joyously, the badlands will celebrate and flower……bursting into blossom, a symphony of song and color …God’s resplendent glory, fully on display. God awesome, God majestic.

Isaiah 35: 1-2

With ears eager to hear, eyes searching in wonder, and hearts open to respond, I believe Abba will meet us in our study of His beautiful “LAW” and bring strength to the weak, healing to our bodies, and wholeness to our souls. May the Lord bless our faithfulness and make us faithful until the end. 

Love you guys, 


( thoughts taken from Taste of Torah, Keren Pryor)

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